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Department of Entrepreneurship


Hanyang University Department of Entrepreneurship is
establishing an organic linkage system with the Global Entrepreneur Center for effective start-up support

Innovation Studio

  • Production of prototype
  • Selling prototype

Art & Technology Department

  • Art, technology fusion
  • New product development education

Imagine Lab

  • Virtual 3D Design
  • 3D printing technology support

TRIZ Center

  • Fusion Capstone Design
  • Advanced ideas

Idea Factory

  • 3D printing utilization education
  • Production of prototype

Graduate School of Technology Management

  • 3D printing education
  • Technical commercialization education

Graduate School of Engineering

  • Engineering education
  • Technical support

University of Convergence

  • Convergence Technology Education
  • Operation of start-up fusion major

Engineering Education Innovation Center

  • Capstone design
  • Engineering education

Global technology commercialization

  • Silicon Valley, New York start-up Center
  • Shanghai, Beijing, Yancheng, Weihai start-up Center
  • Hanoi start-up Center in Vietnam
  • Bali start-up Center in Indonesia
  • Danish start-up center in Northern Europe
  • Global field practice, cooperation with start-up, start-up, global industry-university cooperation

Corporate Innovation Support Center

  • All-set support
  • Technical Council

Technology Transfer Center

  • Technology transfer
  • IP rights consultation, valuation
  • Technology, product promotion

University Technology Holding Company

  • Technology commercialization
  • Technical Advisory


  • Use joint equipment
  • Equipment education
  • Analysis / Certification

China 2.0 Council

  • Global technology transfer, commercialization
  • Strengthening commercialization capacity etc.

China Investment Industry Council

  • Listed on the Chinese stock market
  • Investment Support in China etc.

Pangyo Techno Valley Technology Commercialization Forum

  • Technical financial support
  • Acquisition of technology valuation techniques
  • Linking technology commercialization etc.

Hanyang Angel Club

  • Hanyang Young Entrepreneurial Fund
  • Investors and private IR
  • Angel Investment Matching Fund

Hanyang Young Entrepreneurial Fund

  • Coaching and mentoring etc.
  • Investment Fair
  • Seed-Money Offered