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Department of Entrepreneurship


Understanding venture business
major required

This course is an introductory course on entrepreneurial venture. It deals with a series of processes and activities related to entrepreneurial ecosystem and entrepreneurship. Students will be able to understand the overall process and key content of venture start-up before entering each field of enrichment

The difficulty of a founder

Through case analysis and lectures by entrepreneurs, students are aware of specific problem situations that frequently occur during startup and conduct discussions as stakeholders from various stakeholders to solve problems

Data Analysis Methodology

Various data analysis methods and analysis methods will be covered in order to cultivate insight through data analysis ability and interpretation result of founders. In this course, students learn about understanding data, understanding data processing techniques, data analysis and planning, data analysis methodology, and data visualization

Leadership and Communication

In order to develop the leadership and communication skills of entrepreneurs, it diagnoses each individual’s leadership style and communication methods and conducts various practical programs to develop qualities as a leader and enhance business communication competence

Global start-up trend

As recent technology has rapidly developed and convergence among industries has accelerated, new start-up companies are emerging in the global market based on new convergence technologies and convergence of various fields. We will introduce various start-up cases that are emerging all over the world based on various categories, and examine their success factors and similar cases. This allows students to gain insight into new business models as well as global business minds

Business model development and evaluation

Business model planning and design methodology, innovative business model strategy, business model design process and successful business model case. Through this, students gain knowledge and methodology for establishing business models and have experience in establishing and evaluating their own business models

Start-up opportunity

Learn about technology trends and methodologies for entrepreneurship opportunities. This course deals with the major issues of the future society, demographics, changes in the living environment, and finding opportunities for start-ups in various fields. We also have experience in assessing the value of real-world start-up opportunities by studying promising start-up cases in specific areas and conducting in-depth analysis of the industry in which students are interested

New Product Development

This course deals with new product development strategy, process, and launching strategy of entrepreneurs. Students will select new product development cases of entrepreneurs in various industries and carry out a project to write a short essay

Funding and investment attraction
major required

It deals with various funding methods that can be considered from the perspective of entrepreneurs and attracting investment. Specifically, this course covers the structure of the financial market, financing methods for growth, funding through indirect financing, policy funds, credit guarantee systems, venture capital and angels, stock market and M & A, valuation of shares and crowding ferns. It also evaluates business plans from the perspective of investors and discusses the process of making investment decisions in detail

Advanced Start-up company management
major required

Course overview will be updated in the future

Start-up companies taxation and accounting

Course overview will be updated in the future

Start-up companies law and intellectual property

Course overview will be updated in the future

Start-up company sustainability Management

Course overview will be updated in the future

Growth strategy of Start-up Company

Course overview will be updated in the future

Design Thinking and Lean Startup
major required

This course is a practical course that deals with the process of designing and implementing entrepreneurship using design thinking. Students use projects that visualize solutions to empathize and solve problems, validate and refine issues to customers, and use design-thinking techniques to validate business models and new products in the marketplace and continue to update and evolve projects

Start-up internship

Course overview will be updated in the future

Research Seminar on Fusion of entrepreneurship

This course is a seminar course for students to explore the thesis topic of entrepreneurship fusion students. This course will cover various topics related to entrepreneurial convergence trends

Research methodology
major required

This course deals with the thesis writing method for preparing master’s thesis. This course covers how to write papers and analyze data. Specifically, it includes the concept of research research, statistical methodology for research, validity and reliability analysis, analytic methodologies such as anova and regression analysis. In some cases, case study methodology can be dealt with, not methodology teaching using statistical analysis