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Department of Entrepreneurship


Hanyang University Department of Entrepreneurship is
a department that fosters creativity convergence talent with creative thinking, problem solving ability, entrepreneurial spirit, and global entrepreneurial skills and conducts business-related research

Talent and educational goals

  • Cultivate talent for convergence with problem-solving skills
  • To cultivate progressive start-up talents aiming at global market entry
  • Fostering professional researchers who have both theory and practice

Education and Research Area

  • Educate systematically the basic skills and competencies that entrepreneurs should possess and conduct various fusion studies in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship fields
  • Educate and research various fields related to start-up such as entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, enterprise growth and recovery (EXIT), overseas market entry strategy, new product development and new business creation strategy, capital procurement and investment attraction strategy

Korea’s Best cultivated start-up entrepreneur school

  • Selected as the best university for entrepreneurship education (awarded by the Minister of Education)
  • Venture CEO Emissions Ranked 1st in National Universitiess (2015 Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation)
  • Venture Entrepreneur Emissions Ranked 1st in National Universities (2015 Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation)
  • Emergence of student founders Emissions Ranked 1st in national universities (2016 university information disclosure)
  • Ranked 1st in national universities for entrepreneurship education (2015 Joongang Ilbo University Evaluation)
  • Ranked 1st in national universities for entrepreneurship Support Division (216 Han Kyung Science and Technology Evaluation)